Welcome to The LuWOW Lodge.

Our relaxing Tiki hideaway on Queensland's Sunshine Coast:

the Hawaii of Australia!

The LuWOW Lodge is tucked away in a lush rainforest on top of a cliff with sea views through the treetop canopy.

At the heart of The Lodge is an exquisite fresh water lagoon pool, heated during the cooler months and cooled in the hotter ones. It features a light up 'grotto' spa hidden behind a Tiki waterfall,

an iridescent beach and a thrilling plunge slide.

The LuWOW Lodge features:

  • Full Tiki Island style decor

  • Heated lagoon plunge pool

  • Light-up spa grotto

  • Waterfalls and pond

  • Groovy Lounge

  • 'Lava' kitchen

  • Huge balconies

  • Ocean & pool views

  • Rainforest dining


The LuWOW Lodge has a 'volcanic' open plan kitchen featuring a

light-up carved canoe and houses an awesome collection of Tiki mugs & puffer fish! This leads to the al-fresco dining area.

Enjoy a Mai-Tai amidst the jungle canopy and dine on our treetop  verandah listening to parrots & cockatoos with the sea breeze in your hair!  Evenings can be spent in the LuWOW Lounge enjoying your favourite exotica music or watching retro B-movies.

The LuWOW Lodge has been created by Josh 'Sinbad' Collins & Barbara Blaze primarily for their own private retreat. However they have opened up the doors for select clientele who appreciate the escapist appeal of mid-century Tiki culture.

The Lodge houses many original features salvaged from the legendary LuWOW Lounge Bar in Melbourne as well as an astounding collection of individually carved and created features specifically designed for this unique mini tropical resort. It is a timber and bamboo lux treehouse packed to the rafters with Tiki masks and Exotic paraphernalia.


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Melbourne & Sunshine Coast, Australia

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